Plumber Singapore Price Guide 2018

Plumber Singapore Price Guide 2018

Plumber Singapore Price Guide list is displayed below. At, we plan to give every one of our customers a reasonable Plumbing Service Singapore cost. Cost cited is for works done by our group of very experienced proficient handymen. All costs cited are comprehensive of transport, work and materials/save parts.

Before heading out for our pipes works, we will check with you on the pipes issues and cost is cited and concurred by you before our local plumbers go down for the pipes works

Simple jobs we can quote on the spot, difficult jobs we may have to access and come back for a pricing.

We do charge an additional fee for an onsite survey to cover our transportation charges. Do bear with us on this as petrol/diesel fees aren’t so cheap these days in Singapore.

Plumber Singapore Price Guide

Plumbing Services Singapore (All prices inclusive of material, labour & transport)Unit rate
1. Clogged toilet bowl / Clearing toilet bowl chokeFrom $70
2. Clogged floor trap/ Clogged drainage pipe/ Clearing floor trap chokeFrom $70
3. Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphonFrom $100
4. Labor & material to repair leak at exposed copper pipe or Upvc pipeFrom $130
5. Supplying & replacing toilet/WC flush systemFrom $140
6. Replace Shower SetFrom $140
7. Replace kitchen sink/ Bathroom tap / faucet (basic type)From $110
8. Replace Instant Water HeaterPrice on ask
9. Replace Storage Water HeaterPrice on ask
10. Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sinkFrom $70
11. Replace Sink/ Basin/ Cistern flexible hoseFrom $100
Replacement WorkUnit rate
11. Supply & install toilet bowl setFrom $350
12. Supply & install basinFrom $200

Affordable Plumber Singapore Prices endeavors to give aggressive pipes benefits all through Singapore. We mean to give the least expensive Plumbing Singapore costing. Our processes are not simply brief fixes of stopped up deplete pipes or broken taps, however, we have confidence in giving long haul and powerful answers for our clients.

On the off chance that you require additional work from us, our Singapore plumbers will initially evaluate whether you can utilize an impermanent fix or you require a long haul settle and in light of the appraisal he will give you choices you can browse. Rest assured this is done by a onsite site survey.

We do not charge extra if we aren’t able to take up the plumbing job!

Along these lines, with us, you never need to stress over paying for plumbing services you don’t require.

Reasonableness and aggressiveness are our two principle objectives. In this way, when you require somebody to clear floor trap stifle or fix water pipe spillages and need somebody who can give you focused work at a reasonable value then GetPlumber will be the best choice for you.

In the event that you require extra work that is not deemed on the phone but rather the issue is a simple task, we will not charge you additional fees for that.

If you need us to purchase items from local hardware store, there is a small surcharge of S$20 per trip.

plumbling service cost

Our Plumbing Experience

Our plumbers meant to give exceedingly productive and affable support to all our clients.

We wish to mention we provide FREE ONSITE quotes for big projects while direct quote with no EXTRA markups for smaller plumbing projects.

Whatsapp us with your current situations and we shall provide free consult.

Onsite Plumbing Service Per Trip

Transportation charges: S$30

Plumbing Fees: from S$50

Fees for Buying Products at Local Hardware Store: S$20

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