Water Heater Installation Singapore

Water Heater Installation Singapore

A Water heater is one of the most essential things if you are living in Singapore. If the system gets damaged, immediate repair or replacement must be done. There are a lot of companies in Singapore who provide that service. But you have to choose them depending on their expertise and review by other customers. Also, ask them if they do know all the details of your current water heater and will be able to repair it or not.

Water Heater Installation Singapore

There are a lot of things which can happen to your water heater creating problems like a faulty switch, leakage of the tank, water not heating, supply problem of electricity, no power, leakage of pipes, and if water pressure is low. These problems can be detected if only the heater and the whole site is inspected properly. After that, you can do the repair. But believe it or not, the repair of the heater is not as economical as the replacement of the spare parts.

Different types of heaters in Singapore

Now first you need to know that which kind of heater you are using.

The types of heater are –

  • Storage Water Heater
  • Instant Water Heater
  • POU Water Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Tank less Heating System

Among all these different types of heaters, the storage water heater and the instant water heater are most used heaters.

storage water heater installation cost

Difference between a Storage water heater and an Instant water heater

  • The storage water heater cost a lot more energy than the small in nature instant water heater. So the cost becomes much lower which is not the case in storage water heater.
  • The storage water heater consumes a lot of water too and again this increases the household cost.
  • In instant water heater you will be getting instant warmth in water whenever you want which is different in the storage water heater.
  • The heating methods which are used is the heaters are different.
  • The storage water heater stores the water and then heats it, so it takes a bit more time than the instant water heater.
  • The storage water heater takes a good amount of space to be installed but the instant water heater can be installed in a much smaller space.
  • The storage water heater has more durability so they can give you constant service for 5 to 7 years, whereas the instant water heater can give you a service of 3 to 4 years and after that it becomes vulnerable.

Which one has the edge over other

The storage water heater is good for you if you have a bigger family of over 4 persons but if you have a small family then you will need a smaller version instant heater.

Danger of Electrocution

One thing you must take care while the installation of the heater is that it can be very dangerous at times. And you have to choose an expert plumber as if there is any problem, there may be an electrocution problem which is very deadly to handle.

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