Replacing Shower sets in your bathroom Singapore Cost

Replacing Shower sets in your bathroom Singapore Cost

Did your plumber simply educate you that your flawed shower fixture is destroyed? Did he exhort that it is less expensive to replace the whole unit at that point than to repair it?

Or on the other hand does your shower look old and rusted? Possibly you have quite recently changed the plan and shading subject of your lavatory, and consequently need to supplant your old give spigot one with new metallic wrapping up.

Likely you are looking at that element pressed electric shower with its extensive variety of water impacts.

There are numerous reasons why individuals might need to supplant their showers or showerheads.

Other than for stylish reasons, if the supplanting is because of issues with the showerhead, there are some straightforward advances you can take.

Investigating The Shower head

On the off chance that you find that the water splashing from your shower head is uneven, have a go at cleaning the splash openings. The mineral stores from hard water might stop up the outlet or delta gaps of the shower head.

shower head installation singapore

In the event that you find that the shower head does not remain in position while rotating around, have a go at supplanting the O-ring that seals against the swivel ball.

An average shower head can be dismantled for cleaning and repair. Be that as it may, ensure you comprehend what you are doing, or you may chance harming the entire shower head and by at that point, you will have no real option except to supplant the whole shower head.

So in the event that you are not certain, simply leave this to the expert handyman. Our trusted pipes specialists can give you practical arrangements with no problem on your part.

A Broken Shower Head Must Be Replaced

On the off chance that you incidentally dropped your shower head onto the floor while having your shower, as a general rule, it ought not break separated effectively. In any case if your floor is made of hard stone or if some way or another the effect of the drop is particularly enormous, it might break your shower head (as observed from the photos).

For this situation, the shower head is hopeless, and must be supplanted with another one.

In the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to purchase another one, our trusted handyman can enable you to acquire the part(s), and fix it for you productively.

Installing Shower Sets Singapore

replace shower sets

GetPlumber Services is here for your shower spill repair and shower head substitution benefits wherever you may require it in Singapore. You can install shower spills in the accompanying ways

Guarantee that shower head establishments are finished by a legitimate pipes contractual worker

Guarantee that tape is strung around another shower head

Keep the spout of the shower head clear and free from blockage to weight abundance weight develop inside shower funnels

Address a pipes benefit for consistent checks and examination and shower repair where vital.

We work in shower substitution and shower establishment benefits all finished Singapore. With over a time of involvement in furnishing our differing customer base with effective and tried and true administration, for what reason not let us spare you the problems of doing your own particular shower spill repairs and shower substitution?

Shower Set Replacement/Installation Price in Singapore

Plumbing Services Singapore (All prices inclusive of material, labour & transport)Unit rate
1. Replace Shower SetFrom $150
2. Replace Shower HeadFrom $60
3. Drilling to replace shower barFrom $60
4. Labor & material to repair leak at exposed copper pipe or Upvc pipeFrom $100

Getting Singapore plumbers to help

Making sure you’re getting a good deal is important, but it’s also important to know who you’re dealing with. That’s why it’s important that while you compare the plumber price lists out there, you also make sure you’re getting your plumbing serviced by a reliable and experienced plumber. Here, we’ll provide you with some tips for for finding professional and trustworthy expert plumbers in Singapore so you can be sure that your appliances are in the best hands.

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