Water Tap Installation, Replacement & Repair Singapore

Water Tap Installation, Replacement & Repair Singapore

Nothing is more annoying if your faucet is facing a leakage problem. If the leakage happens, the continuous sound of water drops will surely annoy you and the non-stop flow of water will affect your utility bills too. There are various kinds of taps like washbasin tap, kitchen sink tap, garden tap, washing machine tap, and shower mixer tap but if you have the leakage problem, don’t hesitate but go for the cure.

Sometimes they cannot be repaired, that is the time you have to go for the replacement. There are lots of good plumbing services in Singapore who will help you out in these matters with ease but before going for the repairing and change, you need to know the reasons which are causing this problem.

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Water Tap Installation, Replacement & Repair Singapore

Reasons for Leakage

  • If the handle of the faucet is loose. The handles of faucet are used a lot every day. So, sometime later the handle tend to become loose and water starts dripping from there. But if you keep it that way, the leakage will keep on becoming bigger and bigger with time. So if you see that problem, the best thing to do is changing the handle of the faucet.
  • The water pressure may be too high. From the broken pipes sometimes you may face the problem of leakage of the faucet. If there is an interference in the faucet and you are experiencing it, the best ways is to go for an experienced plumber to take a look at the problem and do the necessary adjustments to get rid of it.
  • If some of the parts are damaged. It is also a common problem as there may be several parts that can cause the damage to your faucet. Compression type faucets and mixer taps where the tap needs to handle both the warm and cold water are the best examples where this kind of problem tend to happen a lot. Go for a plumber and change the damaged parts as soon as possible before they can create any more damage.
  • If the fittings are not that good. The installation of the tap or the replacement of the tap is if not done by some experienced plumber then you are in big trouble as you will have to face the leakage problem more often than anything. So, the suggestion will be don’t take chances and hire an experienced licensed plumber to help you out.
  • Build up of hard water can also cause the damage. If the area you are living in has a high level of chemical in the water then the chemicals may dislocate the rubber washers and the leakage will start. The rubber washer which is actually used to stop the leaking will this time become the reason for leakage. The problem will stay undetected if the plumber is inexperienced.

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These are usually the problems and their cures but one thing is common in all of them that the plumber you are going to choose must be experienced otherwise the problem will not be solved completely.

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