Bidet Spray Installation in Singapore 2023

Bidet Spray Installation in Singapore 2023

Bidets have become an essential component in a toilet nowadays as they are of great help in cleaning our genital parts and anus, particularly after excreting. Inflation is here to stay in Singapore, but we still charge competitive prices for bidet spray installation services.

Though earlier they were used in the form of a bowl over which one has to sit to clean their private parts, the present day bidets are installed in such a way that the user can clean themselves easily from their toilet seats.

Bidet Spray Installation Services Singapore

A bidet sprayer, is a type of toilet attachment used in an attempt to improve sanitation. It is not a toilet seat replacement, and must be used in addition to a standard toilet seat. To use a bidet sprayer, you must have a specific type of toilet to work with.

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Types of Spray Bidets

The present-day spray bidets are classified into two types namely the manual handheld type bidet and the automatic electrical type bidet.

There are several different types of bidet spray.  Some are known as jet nozzles that feature a jet-like spray and others are known as spatulas, which feature a flat spray.  Within these types there are also different designs and models from which you can choose.  

Some are handheld, which makes them easy to carry around, while others are affixed to the toilet.  When it comes to the types of bidet spray, there are many different types to choose from.

Manual Handheld Bidet

As the name suggests, this type of bidet is operated manually to clean one’s genital parts. The bidet set consists of a flexible pipe, a shower gun, and a holder which is usually attached to the walls of the toilet. The flexible pipe transports the water from the pipelines to the shower gun which will spray the water when the trigger is pressed.

This type of bidet can be simply held with the hands when you are seated on your toilet seat, and a gentle press of the trigger will clean your private parts. It can also be used to clean your toilet floor and walls as it sprays water at high speed. The manual handheld bidets are the most used ones as they are low on cost and very much effective.

Automatic or Electrical Bidet

Automatic bidets are mostly employed in public toilets of certain countries and rarely in households. This type of bidet will automatically spray water on your private parts once you are done. The electrical spray bidets also have other features like spraying warm water and soapy water.

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There are even bidets which have built-in dryers for drying your genitals after washing. Though electrical bidets have many other distinct features and offer hygienic cleaning when compared to manual bidets, the former is very much expensive which make them scarcely used. But if you have aged people in your home who have trouble in cleaning themselves and have the budget to afford an automatic type, you can blindly give a go at it as they are very efficient.



Bidet Installation and Repair in Singapore

Bidet installation in Singapore is done more economically and effectively by getting Handyman as we have trained and skilled professionals who are ready to be at your service.

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We offer you the necessary advice in selecting the best bidet type for you depending on your needs and budget so that you can avoid confusion in selection which may prolong bidet installation. All you must have to do is contact us and fix an appointment, and we will be at your doorstep. We are also good at repairing bidets without damaging your plumbing lines as we employ only the best plumbers in Singapore.



Our Bidet Spray Installation – Cost of service is from S$70.

Whatsapp us for a QUICK QUOTE for product and installation cost.


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FAQs to Installing Bidet Spray in Singapore

Can I request you to buy the bidet spray?

Yes you can but we charge a small fee for doing this.

How long it takes to replace or install the bidet spray?

We do require you to whatsapp us images of the place of installation so we can better access. Quick job can be 30minutes, difficult job can last for 2 hours.

Is it cheaper to install multiple bidet sprays?

Of course. As we can do so in a trip which we will provide better price quote.

Are you a licensed plumber?

Yes and No. If you would like us to send a licensed plumber, the cost is higher. Installing bidet requires no plumbing license as it requires no pipe cutting.

Why is your fee so expensive?

You are living in Singapore, everything is expensive. Labour fees in Singapore is no longer cheap.

Get Plumber Services

When choosing a plumbing service in Singapore, make sure that they possess the necessary qualifications and experience to guarantee quality of service. Good plumbing companies will also provide pertinent information related to their services, such as the cost of kitchen sink replacement in Singapore, their estimated time of completion, and the warranties they offer. Finding a reliable, cost-effective plumbing service in Singapore for your bidet replacement can be a stressful task, but with the help of experts, you can easily get the job done and be satisfied with the results.

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  1. Hi
    I stay in woodlands 5 room hdb flat.
    I want to install bidets for my 2 toilets.
    I dont want hand held bidet.
    I dont want electric / electronic bidet.
    Q1. How long would it take to install?
    How much would it cause?
    Any warrantee?
    Q2 How

  2. Hi. I am thinking of having a bidet for my 2 toilets. ( not handheld, but not electric). I stay in woodlands drive 62.
    Q1 how much is the total cost inclusive of bidet system, any other parts that need to be replaced due to the bidet installation, pipings and accessories and installation)?
    Q2 how long would it take? How many hours or how many days?
    Q3 how soon can this get started?

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