Kitchen Sink Repair and Installation Singapore

Kitchen Sink Repair and Installation Singapore

The way that the kitchen sink is the most oftentimes utilized sink, it is probably going to be supplanted first than some other sinks in your flat. When you supplant your kitchen sink, you should gauge the wide and profundity of the sink and attempt and purchase the sink with a similar measurement. On the off chance that you purchase a more extensive sink, you should slice the kitchen best to fit it in. This implies expansion cost on modification of kitchen top. On the off chance that you purchase a kitchen sink with more profound bowl, ensure you have adequate space for the U-Joint and deplete pipe. There are more points of interest to watch when supplanting the kitchen sink and it is fitting to procure a jack of all trades or a remodel contractual worker to play out the errand.

Kitchen Sink Installation Singapore

kitchen sink installation singapore

Most kitchen sink in Singapore are produced using stainless steel. In the event that there is spilling or dribbling water from the tap, the clamor of trickling water hitting the tempered steel sink may keep you alert for the night. What’s more, the drops of water can mean a couple of gallons of water multi day.

What would it be a good idea for you to do on the off chance that you confront this circumstance? Check whether you have a water supply valve under your sink (i.e. along the water pipe prompting your tap). On the off chance that yes, turn it off and the supply of faucet water to your tap will be cut off. On the off chance that you don’t have a water supple valve under your sink or tap, you should kill your fundamental water supply. At that point, call the handyman or jack of all trades promptly to settle the tap.

Our cost of Kitchen Sink Installation: S$200 (Labour charge only)

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  1. HI,I would like to know if you do installation for NEW kitchen sink using UnderMount.. If yes, can you quote me the price using UnderMount for installation kitchen sink

    Thank you & awaiting for your price quote..

  2. Hi, I am thinking of replacing my current kitchen sink but I am not sure of the size which I should buy and I need a contractor to install it for me. Are you able to advise me further? Thank you.

  3. Hi, i want to remove my existing kitchen sink and replace it with a new sink. I am also unsure of the dimensions and size of the sink. Appreciate your expertise advice on the matter, thank you,please.

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