Solving Water Leakage in Singapore

Solving Water Leakage in Singapore

Water leakage in your home or workplace may not be a problem you encounter frequently, but once in a while every one of us would have definitely come across this issue as it is ubiquitous in a building structure. The percentage of water leakage complaints is higher than any other building maintenance complaints we have been receiving these days. 


The most common cause of water leakage is the tiny invisible cracks on the ceilings or walls. If there is a bathroom either above the ceiling or beside a wall, even a small crack may lead to water leakage as bathrooms and toilets are wet most of the times. Another agent of water leakage is heavy rainfall as the walls would become damp during these times which in turn will make it weak and vulnerable.

So, looking at what one has to do to tackle the water leakage problems and how to identify water leakage at first place is what we are going to spend our time on. Without further ado let us dive straight into the leakage holes.

Common Water Leakage Types in Singapore

Leakage from Bathroom

Bathrooms and toilets are the main sources of water leakage problems in a building. Leakage can be either from a toilet or a bathroom that is above the ceiling or at times through the walls of the toilet itself. Both these issues must be fixed immediately as it may cause hygiene problems for the building as well as its dwellers.

water leakages from ceiling

Leakage from Water Pipes

Leakage through water pipes will happen when the pipes become weak due to wear and tear on long-term usage. This type of leakage can be identified most of the times easily but some buildings may have pipes enclosed within their walls and identifying leakage may take some time in such cases.

solving water leaking from pipes

Leakage from the Ceiling

Ceiling leakages are very much common in households that have sources such as kitchen, toilet or water pipes above the ceiling. Seek the help of a plumber or a waterproofing agent as soon as you see a ceiling leakage as it may weaken your ceiling when ignored.

roof water leakages

Leakage from the Roof

Roof leakages mostly occur during rainy seasons. As it is impossible to stop the source, all we can do is waterproofing our roofs and frequently check the strength of it. In Singapore, pitched roofs and concrete roofs are the most used types of roofs and concealing leakage must be carried out based on the type of the roof.

Water Leakage Signs in Singapore

Having taken a look at the types of water leakages, now let us take a glance at the symptoms and signs of possible water leakage.

   Peeling of the paint

When there is possible water leakage, the paint on the wall or the ceiling will start to peel off as water will cause corrosion.

   Invasion of Algae

Algae are species that love damp and moist conditions. If you ever come across the presence of algae or molds within your walls chances are high for water leakage. This must be addressed immediately as algae may have harmful effects on human health.


Very much like algae and molds bugs too love wet and moist conditions. If you witness a sudden increase in the population of water bugs in your building, chances are high for possible water leakage.


If you encounter stalactites on your ceilings or on walls near water pipes, water leakage is very much around the corner.

   Wet Spots

Wet stains or spots on walls or ceilings are undoubtedly due to leakage of water. This may be due to rain, leakage in water pipes or leakage of water from the toilet.

Solving and Repair Water Leakage in Singapore

The first step to solve water leakage is to deduce whether the leakage is due to a plumbing issue or a waterproofing issue.

As these two are the main causes of leakage, finding the right one must be the first step to solve the problem.

water leakage plumber singaporeIf the leakage is due to a plumbing issue, you will see leakage of water in and around the plumbing components and a skilled plumber would be enough to get things right. If the pipelines are perfectly fine and there are no signs of leakage in them, then there might be an issue in waterproofing for which you need a specialist in waterproofing.

If you are not sure about the cause of leakage, you can seek the help of trained professionals in our arsenal that include plumbing and waterproofing experts who are just a phone call away from your doorstep.

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